Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas

Young woman smileHave you ever felt that your smile was not all that it could be because you have yellowed or stained teeth? Does your smile ever feel dull in comparison to those around you? Many people consider those with whiter teeth as being happier, more successful, more confident and healthier. It is no wonder that across America teeth whitening is considered one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures.

At Welch Dentistry, we can help you and your family achieve whiter and brighter teeth so that you may have the brilliant smiles you have always wanted. We believe that having your teeth professionally whitened is a fantastic and safe way to enhance the beauty of your smile and improve your overall appearance.

If you have ever been affected by any of the following items, you might want to consider having your teeth whitened:

Fluorosis: In the dental world, fluoride is usually our friend. However, overexposure to fluoridation during tooth development can result in stains on your teeth. If that is the case for you or one of your loved ones, teeth whitening can be a great way to get your teeth back to a more natural shade.

Stains due to Dietary Habits: A number of foods can cause teeth to become stained and discolored over time. Some of these foods include coffee, tea, soda, and wine among others. Usage of tobacco can also cause teeth to become stained. Dr. Welch and his talented staff have the teeth whitening kits to overcome the stains from these items.

Stains due to Medication: Certain medications can cause teeth to become stained from usage. If your teeth have become stained because of medication, tooth whitening can help you return to having a beautiful smile.


Dr. Welch and his staff are excited to offer a couple of different options for teeth whitening in their Las Vegas, Nevada, office.
These options include:

Boost: With Boost we can whiten your smile professionally in our office and make your smile shades brighter in as little as one treatment.

KOR: KOR is respected as the most effective way to whiten your teeth permanently. It works great for your entire family between the ages of 14-90.

Dr. Welch and his staff have been working hard to brighten smiles all over Las Vegas with their teeth whitening techniques. Trust your smile to the caring team at Welch dentistry. Give us a call at 702-527-4644 and set up your professional teeth whitening today!