Guided Dental Implants

Today’s guided surgical techniques allow our dental implant patients to experience greater precision and greater success. This new method has simplified the procedure for patients and dentists alike.

Guided dental implants reduce the amount of manipulation that your dentist has to do to complete the procedure. Reduced manipulation means less damage done to the soft tissues, and a shorter healing period.

Cone Beam Technology

At Welch Dentistry, we use Cone Beam Imaging systems to complete your guided dental implant surgery. The Cone Beam generates high definition 3D x-rays within seconds! These flawless images allow us to instantly assess your needs and determine the best locations for the dental implant placement.

Cone Beam Technology also makes your procedure safer. It:

  1. Exposes you to significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays.
  2. Helps your doctor plan a customized procedure to protect your nerve endings.
  3. Minimizes pain and effects on the rest of the mouth.

Implant Dentistry with X-Guide

We chose a guided approach to dental implants in order to ensure both your safety and the success of your implant procedure. As part of our commitment to these goals, we are very excited about the benefits associated with X-Guide!

This remarkable device helps us carry out the entire placement process. We can use the X-Guide to scan potential sites for your implant, plan a precise location, and place the implant in the ideal location. The remarkable versatility of X-Guide also allows us to adapt our planned treatment as necessary.

Because X-Guide helps us carry out every stage of implant placement, we are even able to perform same-day implants using the All-on-4® treatment concept!

Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Procedures

A few of the benefits of guided dental implant procedures versus freehand dental implant procedures are listed below.

Greater Accuracy: Guided dental implant surgery ensures greater precision in dental implant placement. Your dentist will know the exact position of critical structures like bones, nerves, tooth roots, and sinus cavities. A precise procedure reduces the possibility of complications down the line.

Fast and Comfortable: Our patients appreciate that a guided dental implant placement is less invasive and less painful than its traditional counterpart. At Welch Dentistry, we can make your incisions smaller and more even. The procedure is also comparatively fast to traditional methods.

Easier Recovery: Guided surgery means decreased recovery time. After a guided dental implants operation, you will experience minimal pain, swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Patients of guided surgeries heal much faster than those who undergo freehand procedures.

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